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Lash Boss University

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We believe a successful career in the lash industry begins with choosing the right education. Attending school at Lash Boss University means that you'll have a wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips with our talented instructors, jam packed curriculum, and ongoing mentorship even after graduation.

We are a licensed school by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and our students have a 100% pass rate on their state board exams.

"It's a very intimate experience where they actually care about us as individuals."

"I actually want to work for myself which is why is one of the biggest reasons why I chose the beauty industry. I've had great experiences working for other people but I think my beliefs and the way a business should be run are important to me."

Course Overview


The Essential Sanitization Steps


The History of Eyelashes and Fundamental Application


The Art of Consultations & Bedside Manner


How to Practice on Mannequins Properly


The Complete Lash Extension Breakdown


3 Core Lash Practice Strategies


How to Maximize Retention and Perform Refills


The Art of Pricing & Policies


Advanced Lash Applications


Written and Practical Examination Preparation

"It was fast! You don't realize how quick it goes by. I feel like I learned so much in such a little amount of time."

Shelby was always clear and cut what she needed from us. I would text her and she would text me back literally within 20 minutes. I never really came to class not knowing which direction we would go into. There was always a plan.

Lift Your Career

True lash artistry and preserving the integrity of the natural lash are fundamental to our program. These foundational principles are paramount to a successful career. You need to strive for the highest quality service, licensing, and education; thankfully, this program is officially licensed through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

To become a lash artist in Texas, you are required to hold a license in the state of Texas.

Our lash specialty license program is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and has a 100% success rate in state board examinations.You can complete our program in 8 or 16 weeks, depending on your needs.

Core Curriculum

In-Person Instruction - Hybrid Program - State Board Exam Prep - Lash Kit Included

PREREQUISITES : You must be 17 years of age – Have earned a High School diploma or GED – Texas Drivers License

PROGRAM LENGTH : 8 or 16 Weeks

Your Dedicated Team of Master Lash Artists

With an educator team full of master lash artist educators, our curriculum covers several different techniques, including classic and volume artistry, clientele management, and sanitation + disinfection. We help prepare you for your State Board Examinations and offer our continued support even after you graduate. Our included lash kits are curated with only the best brands and lash products and reflect the caliber of artist you will be after attending LBU.

Lash License Photoshoot

"Its time for me to give back to myself and appreciate myself a little more"

Just really need to focus on me and challenge my own self. It was myself vs me and understanding that it would take time for me to get better and grow.

The payment plan made a world of difference! It really changed the external factor of the money. It gave me a lot of peace of mind because I was able to spread out the payments.

It was very helpful allowing you to have flexibility around your other payments and your other bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get licensed?

Choose between an 8-week program or a 16-week program. Both contain the same curriculum, just different time requirements.

What about payment programs? 0% interest?

Yes! We offer a payment plan option for up to 3 years!

How do I enroll?

Sign up for a free 15 minute info session so we can go over the quick and easy enrollment process. Most people end up enrolling right after the call!