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The Lash Boss Philosophy


To be a lash tech nowadays, professionalism is a must. Treat clients warmly, be on time, and stay updated on trends and safety. Keep things clean and show respect to everyone.


It’s essential to have steady hands and pay attention to the tiniest details. Practice different lash styles and applications to become a pro. Keep learning and improving your skills.


Being a lash artist is like painting on tiny canvases. It’s all about creativity and skill. You’ll use different lengths, curls, and styles to create unique lash looks for each person. 


It’s a chance to be your own boss and build your own lash business. You’ll need a good plan and determination to make it work. 

Lash Specialty License

Here at Lash Boss University, we only focus on the lash specialty license program.

To perform lash extensions in Texas, you must hold one of 3 licenses:

Cosmetology License (1000 hrs)
Esthetics License (750 hrs)
Lash Speciality License (320 hours)

Texas Lash Recognition

Texas is one of few states that recognizes eyelash extensions as a separate category of beauty. For those who know they want to be a lash artist, the lash specialty license is perfect. Not only is it a shorter program, but it is also a lash-focused program.

  • Sanitization
  • History
  • Consultations
  • Practice
  • Breakdown
  • Strategy
  • Maximize
  • Pricing
  • Advanced
  • Exam

Are You The Next Lash Boss?